Leave a lasting impression with Customers

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and for a business this can have a huge impact. Happy customers are likely to return, but handle your first interaction poorly, and you might be saying goodbye to business. How can you ensure that you’re leaving your customers with a great lasting impression? […]

Message Direct | Rediscovering the lost art of conversation

If millenials have taught us anything it is the importance of nostalgia. Whether it be for an old fashion trend, or even about how we used to communicate, we crave the familiar and can often feel left behind the times. Even in this digital age, customers are still looking for real human interactions – something […]

Message Direct – What kind of phone personality are you?

No matter if you’re running a small or large business, phone calls are an important part of your day-to-day operations. Whether they be important client calls or annoying telemarketing calls, it can be difficult to know when to answer, and when to let it keep ringing. If you’d like to find a balance in your […]

What works better – voicemail or written messages?

If you’re unavailable to take a call from a customer, it’s important to understand the benefits the different ways to leave a message. Both leaving a voicemail and taking written message have benefits and drawbacks. In our latest blog we’ll explore both. Leaving a Voicemail Pro’s Customers are able to leave a message in the […]

Is there a way to manage severe seasonal fluctuations in business demand?

No matter the size of your business, there are bound to be fluctuations in demand. Be it the festive season, the summer or the start of the financial year, you are likely to find yourself busier than normal. With seasonal businesses there can be some hesitation to hire new employees during busy periods due to […]

Top 4 reasons to outsource your calls

Top 4 reasons to outsource your calls Do you struggle to answer all of your business calls? Read on to discover why you should outsource your calls to a call handling and telephone answering service. Save money You’ll minimise your costs and maximise your profits when you choose to outsource your calls to a dedicated […]

What are customer’s biggest annoyances with customer service?

What are customer’s biggest annoyances with customer service? A quarter of adults believe the UK’s general level of customer help are below par. Surveys have found that telecoms, energy companies, banks and building societies are among the worst culprits. Being left on hold Research shows that the average British adult will wait on the line […]

Which sectors can benefit from a telephone answering service?

Message Direct launched our operations back in 1994. Since then we’ve worked with a huge range of businesses across a varieties of sectors. Here’s just a small selection of the sectors that can benefit from a telephone answering service. Recruitment The recruitment industry is fiercely competitive. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that […]

Does my business need to be 24/7 to compete?

Do we really need to be 24/7? Problems are 24/7 therefore solutions should be. Unfortunately your customers and clients do not operate on the same work schedule as your business might do. They could face an issue at any time and as such it’s important that they will get an answer from your organisation at […]

Missing business calls – Does this really impact my business?

We know that when you’re busy running a business, answering the phone probably isn’t your top priority. You might think that in the grand scheme of things the odd missed call is somewhat of a minor issue. However, given that 80% of all business communications take place over the phone, missing calls can actually have […]