Top 4 reasons to outsource your calls

Top 4 reasons to outsource your calls

Do you struggle to answer all of your business calls? Read on to discover why you should outsource your calls to a call handling and telephone answering service.

Save money

You’ll minimise your costs and maximise your profits when you choose to outsource your calls to a dedicated message taking service such as Message Direct. When you hire an in-house receptionist there’s huge amount of costs to take into account, wages, sick pay, holiday pay… they really start to mount up! A virtual receptionist service slashes these costs, helping you to save money!


Obviously you aim to build your business as quickly as possible. However, this can bring a host of problems with it! Do you have the adequate staff to handle your incoming calls? Do you have the time to hire new staff to cope with the growing demand? A telephone answering service such as Message Direct is scalable and flexible according to your needs. We’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who you can contact should you need to make any changes to your package.

Expert staff

Message Direct was one of the first inbound call centres in the UK. We’ve offered a first class call handling service since 1994. Our highly trained, efficient team will integrate seamlessly with your existing employees and answer every call professionally and politely. Each of your calls will be answered in your company’s name. We also ensure that our staff hold important information about your organisation so they are easily able to provide this for your clients and customers.

24/7 availability

It’s almost impossible to keep your phones covered 24 hours a day. You and your employees have other important elements of the business to focus on and you have to sleep eventually! However, your clients and customers are unlikely to leave their contact details on an answering machine. Luckily, help is at hand! We can offer a 24/7 service so your calls are always answered! We’ll then forward your messages to your organisation via email, fax or SMS.

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