What are customer’s biggest annoyances with customer service?

What are customer’s biggest annoyances with customer service?

A quarter of adults believe the UK’s general level of customer help are below par. Surveys have found that telecoms, energy companies, banks and building societies are among the worst culprits.

Being left on hold

Research shows that the average British adult will wait on the line for a maximum time of just under ten minutes. Customers are quick to grow frustrated when they are left on hold. Not only is it unlikely that they’ll wait for an answer, it’s also very likely that they’ll be angry when they do finally get through which could lead to a heated exchange. Our virtual receptionist service (get a free trial now) is committed to answering calls within six seconds – that’s the fastest time in the industry.

Not getting an answer past 5pm

Unfortunately life doesn’t operate strictly between the hours of 9am – 5pm. What happens if one of your customer should face an emergency outside of your normal office hours? What if your customer has an enquiry but can’t call during your office hours because they’re also at work then? That’s why at Message Direct we aim to be as flexible as possible. We even offer a 24/7 service so you customers can always get an answer when they need one.

Not getting through to a real person

It’s important that your customers and clients get through to a real person instead of an answering machine. If your customers have a serious issue or are upset about something it’s essential that they are able to talk to a real person who can offer support and assistance. An automated answering machine either gives the impression that you don’t care about your customers or that your business is not well-established enough to be able to employ someone to answer the phone. We can provide you with an efficient service that will answer all your calls as if they are your in house receptionist. We can even provide you with a geographic telephone number so your customers aren’t aware they’re speaking to a virtual receptionist service.

Poor manners

During busy times it can sometimes feel impossible to maintain a polite and professional telephone manner. However poor manners are one of customer’s biggest annoyances. It will give a bad impression of your company and could convince people to take their custom elsewhere. Our highly trained staff answer every phone call in an impeccably polite and professional manner. You decide the exact way that our staff answer your phone calls.

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