What works better – voicemail or written messages?

If you’re unavailable to take a call from a customer, it’s important to understand the benefits the different ways to leave a message. Both leaving a voicemail and taking written message have benefits and drawbacks. In our latest blog we’ll explore both.

Leaving a Voicemail


Customers are able to leave a message in the way and at the length they’d like. Furthermore they are able to leave a longer message than a receptionist can write down. The benefit to you with a voicemail is that you can listen to the exact message the customer left and make your own notes.


Voicemails are less personal than dealing with a receptionist. Clients can feel ignored and passed off if they are put through a voicemail. Furthermore, many people don’t leave voicemails, and would rather hang up than leave a message.

The other negative for voicemails is that it can often be difficult to check your voicemails in certain circumstances, leaving your customer waiting longer for a response.

Leaving a Written Message


Receptionist services are able to assist customers when they are leaving a message and avoid problems like a customer forgetting to leave contact details. They can also clear up ambiguous or confusing messages through simple communication, making the message you receive much clearer.

Leaving a message with a virtual receptionist means that they can forward the message to you via email, text message, or fax. This makes it easier for you to check messages and get back to customers if they have any urgent or time-sensitive queries. Lastly your receptionist service can remind you about calls you haven’t returned, unlike a voicemail which is can often be forgotten.


The biggest concern most people have with using a receptionist service to take written messages is a lack of trust that they can deliver the right message, or they might miss a few important details.

However our Message Direct virtual receptionists are extensively trained to ensure they take detailed and careful messages, as well as treating your customers in the most professional manner.