Top Apps for Self-Employed Traders Part 2

Technology is helping to make the life of the self-employed trader more efficient, less stressful, and accessible to all. Mobile apps, in particular, transform your smartphone into a pocket-sized, portable office, allowi

Short term summer holiday business phone cover

For businesses both big and small, the telephone remains a vital point of contact with customers and suppliers alike. Without this important contact, your business is guaranteed to miss opportunities, lose business and a

Phone boxes: a thing of the past

Traditionally seen on most high streets, phone boxes have become increasingly rare in recent years. Whilst people once relied heavily on public phone boxes, the widespread use of mobile technology has rendered them largely obsolete.

Capture more leads with a Virtual Receptionist

When it comes to running a successful business, positive customer service and an ability to generate leads are two of the most important qualities. The strength of your company will rely on both, so it’s important to keep them at th

The benefits of call handling for SMEs

When you’re a thriving business, you need all the support you can get. After all, your success is only determined by the care and attention you can put into your company, especially in the first couple of years.

Can any business use a call answering service?

We are often asked if our call answering services will work for any business. The fact of the matter is, every business, no matter what their size, misses calls. We provide call answering services for all kinds and sizes

Hiring a Virtual Receptionist is a Wise Move

Are you considering implementing a virtual receptionist service for your small business? There are plenty of reasons why you might be. Often one of the top reasons our clients start thinking about hiring a virtual recepti

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