What industries use a call answering service

When you think of the sorts of businesses that use a telephone answering service you wouldn’t be blamed for picturing larger office-centred companies. In reality, the sorts of industries using business answering services is a lot more varied than

Why accuracy matters when message taking

Every business owner knows that accuracy is key to success, especially when it comes to dealing with clients and potential business partners. People want to know they can trust your company, so showing that your bus

Problems a virtual receptionist can solve

Have you ever considered hiring a virtual receptionist for your business? Perhaps you feel it sounds too complicated or you don’t feel you can justify the cost. However, there are many common business problems

Reputation damaged by unanswered calls

Even as businesses move increasingly towards online forms of customer service, telephone calls remain an absolute staple when it comes to one on one contact with clients, customers and potential sales leads. Dependin

Managing overflows of calls

A good reputation is crucial for every business, and continues to be incredibly important for customers looking to use a company’s services. Customer satisfaction should therefore be at the top of every firm&rsqu

How to avoid phone scams

Every year millions of people and businesses fall victim to phone scams. Often they combine new technology with different tricks to to get hold of sensitive information and money. Follow our tips to avoid succumbing to

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