How a professional call handling service can help your business’ bottom line

If you own your own business you’ll know that no matter the size or age of the business you’re always looking for ways to improve the bottom line. Utilising a professional call handling service is a fantastic way to do this.


It’s important to establish and maintain a great relationship with your customers and clients. They should be able to trust your business and feel safe in the knowledge that should they have an issue they can contact your company and will get an answer. A professional call handling service will ensure that your customers will receive an immediate response. If you choose to use a company like Message Direct you can select 24/7 round the clock coverage so that if there is an out of hours emergency or your customer is calling from another timezone they’ll still be able to get through!


In the business world, image is everything. You need to create and sustain a slick, professional business image. At Message Direct, our friendly, highly trained staff have been trusted to answer over 10 million calls for over 10,000 clients since 1994. Our operators are briefed so that they integrate seamlessly with your existing staff and answer every phone call in a courteous manner.


We understand that when you’re running a business there’s always a thousand things for you and your employees to do! That’s why a professional call handling service can be instrumental in helping your business’ bottom line. You and your staff can focus on your key responsibilities and help your company to prosper and grow without the added distraction of answering phone calls.

Cost effective

In order to optimise your business’ bottom line we know it’s necessary to minimise your outgoings. An overflow call handling service is a superb way to do this. The cost of a call handling service is a great deal less than hiring a member of staff to do the same job. At Message Direct we offer flexible pricing to suit the size and scale of your business and the service you require. This way you only pay for what your business needs and your package (and price) can be changed easily should your circumstances change.

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