How Call Handling Can Help Improve the Customer Experience

First impressions are everything. They say you only have a few seconds for someone to determine what the other person thinks about you. Answering a business call is no different. This communication is the first interaction a customer has with you, whether they are new or existing. As soon as you pick up the phone, […]

Call Answering for Your Small Business: How it Works

Are you feeling the pressure of juggling a small business? Have you perhaps neglected a few phone calls here and there? The solution: get someone else to answer it and use a call answering service for small business. Call answering for your small business can easily be managed by utilising a call taking service. Having […]

How a Message Taking Service Can Increase Customer Loyalty

You’d never want to let your customer down by being unavailable, would you? Having an out of hours service that works for you, is a win win situation for both yourself and your customers. A messing taking service can increase customer loyalty as it promotes a positive reputation to deal with customer inquiries more efficiently. It’s […]

How a Remote Business Can Benefit Using a Virtual Receptionist

Going it alone is daunting enough. The thought of starting something new without any physical staff present. Who is going to ‘greet’ your customers? Now imagine having someone to represent you without actually being there. Having a virtual presence could be the answer to all of your problems. A virtual receptionist is a huge benefit to […]

How to Answer the Phone Professionally: 10 Tips for Businesses

Amongst a growing range of channels in which a customer can reach a business, phone calls still matter. Answering the phone in a professional manner is important to the image of a company. It can play a key factor in a customer’s purchase decisions and should lie at the heart of a business’s service strategy. It’s […]

What to Look for in a Virtual Receptionist: 11 Critical Factors

If you’re considering hiring a virtual receptionist for your business or are close to making a decision on who to choose, it’s important to do your due diligence. There is a huge variance in quality within the market, so it’s critical to understand what the keys thinks to look for in a virtual receptionist service […]

Why Accuracy Matters When Message Taking

Every business owner knows that accuracy is key to success, especially when it comes to dealing with clients and potential business partners. People want to know they can trust your company, so showing that your business can deal with matters quickly, efficiently and accurately is a great way to build a positive reputation. This is […]

5 top tips to stay on top of your personal time management

If you’re a business owner you will know the pressures relating to personal time management. A lot is riding on how you allocate your valuable working hours. To be sure that you and your team are being productive and organised without being unrealistic with your expectations, it’s a good idea to have measures in place […]

Why customer loyalty should be your business’s top priority

What is customer loyalty? The term customer loyalty refers to the act of a consumer choosing one company’s products and services consistently over their competitors. When your customers are loyal to your business, it will mean they are less likely to be easily swayed by special offers, or promotions your competitors run. Loyal customers aren’t […]

Message Direct – Celebrating 25 years

This year we at Message Direct, are celebrating 25 years in the business. And what a 25 years we’ve had! We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best clients from a huge range of industries. In our quarter of a century in business, we’ve gained a huge amount of expertise in our […]