3 ways to keep your employees happy in the workplace

Running a successful business isn’t just about making sales and keeping your customers happy. It’s also important to ensure that your workforce, the people most important to your company, are comfortable in their work environment. Your employees form the pillars of your brand; without them, you’ll struggle to keep your business running smoothly and your stress levels will soar.

Happy employees create a productive workplace environment, but what can you do to keep them content?

  • Offer incentives and rewards for good work – Rewarding your employees when they go above and beyond is a simple yet effective way of demonstrating that you’ve been paying attention and are pleased with their work. In return, your employees will feel more valued and motivated to keep working hard for the business. The rewards you give could be as simple as sending them gift vouchers, buying the office lunch, or letting the team go home early one Friday.
  • Minimise their workload – This may seem counterproductive, but minimising your employees’ workload doesn’t necessarily mean your business will be at a loss. Implementing small changes to reduce your team’s stress levels could lead to better quality work and tackle health-related absenteeism. Even simple changes can be incredibly effective. For instance, hiring Message Direct’s professional call-handling service to tackle incoming phone calls and record messages could free up a large chunk of your employees’ day!
  • Create a relaxing work environment – A busy workplace can be hugely distracting, so taking steps to control your office’s noise levels is key to keeping your employees relaxed. Ask yourself which interactions need to take place in the office and which could be moved to external spaces or outsourced altogether. For example, do your meetings need to be held within the main office or could you find a space elsewhere? Is dealing with your phone calls in-house a priority or could a virtual receptionist benefit your business by limiting telephone-related distractions?

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