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    Call Handling and Telephone Answering Services from Message Direct

    Use our service from as little as 60p per day.

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    Our Telephone Answering Services

    Telephone Answering and much more…

    Message Direct helps businesses all over the UK better manage their phone lines and other communication channels. We offer a range of call answering and telephone answering services, with flexible packages to ensure that you receive precisely the level of coverage you are looking for.

    We focus on staffing your phone lines, so you and your team can focus on delivering higher-quality products and services, and running a successful business.

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    We Provide Answering Services for Small Businesses, Big Businesses, and Emergency Response Situations

    For those that can’t afford to employ a full time receptionist or PA, our live telephone answering service is particularly popular. Small businesses and startups often lack the in-house staff needed to keep up with incoming calls, so by taking advantage of Message Direct’s call handling service, these small organisations can focus on the job in hand.

    We offer a highly competitive and cost-effective alternative to handling calls in house. When a potential customer calls your telephone number, we will answer with your company name, within a matter of seconds, and relay the message or forward the call on to you, depending on preference.

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    With our 24-hour call answering coverage, callers will get through to your business as opposed to a voicemail message, enhancing your levels of customer service by replicating an in house receptionist.

    We provide a service that is often much cheaper than a live office, so to learn more about how we can help your business operate more smoothly, feel free to contact us via the website or by calling us on 0800 132 050.

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    Business Startups

    At a time when you want to control costs but have a professional response to all enquiries, Message Direct will become part of your team helping you grow.

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    Flexible Pricing

    Not everyone requires the same level of service. Whatever support you require with your telephones we will have the professional team to help. Please ask for a quote.

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    24/7 Telephone Answering

    This is an essential service for most clients. Message Direct can handle all your calls in unsocial hours and keep your overheads low.

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    Live Receptionist

    Our operators are fully briefed on your business to handle calls your way and deliver them to you in the way you prefer.

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    Call Handling and Telephone Answering Services from Message Direct

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    Business Continuity and Message Direct

    Coronavirus Statement

    As one of our customers, your ability to successfully communicate with your customers is vitally important. That’s why we’re working to avoid disruptions here at our main call answering hub in Dorset. By implementing the following measures we will protect the wellbeing of our own staff and maintain our ability to answer your calls.

    Many of our customers have been in touch in recent days concerned that they themselves will suffer disruption for a period of time and asking if we have the capacity to take more calls than usual in the event core staff of their own are absent through self-isolation or unable to work through illness, homework themselves or even in the event their offices are closed.

    Our primary measure is to equip staff in readiness for homeworking. This will roll out on a phased basis if circumstances dictate. All of our staff have a suitable workspace and have been equipped with identical workstations to those in our office hub. The service provided is identical having been on trial now for several weeks. In fact having already seen an increase in call traffic from customers who have themselves moved to homeworking or closed parts of their offices we have significantly increased capacity as more customers reach out to us for support with their Telephone Answering and Disaster Contingency needs.

    If you have any questions or if you need to discuss capacity or scripting or have technical questions on the diversion or forwarding of phone calls to us please contact us on 0800 132 050 or email the team on [email protected]

    With very best wishes

    The Message Direct team