A first class call handling service is provided by Message Direct – which is exactly what your business needs in today’s competitive environment. In business the phone is vital. It is your personal link between you and your customers, BUT there will always be times when you can’t be there to answer.

Why Choose Message Direct

One of our clients discovered that he had been missing thousands of calls prior to using our services. Just imagine how much business was potentially lost! We offer a no obligation trial to enable new customers to see how our friendly and efficient team operate once they have been briefed on your particular business. We know we live up to what we promise and our call handling services are regularly recommended. We also offer an excellent recommendation scheme.

Most companies cannot tell tell they have come through to our team. We answer quickly and our team are dedicated to getting every call and every message delivered immediately.

Don’t take risks with your business. You can concentrate on running your business whilst we handle your calls. We can provide our services all the time or just when you need them – when the phone is engaged or unanswered.

Incidentally, if it’s the answer machine you’re relying on, then it’s no comfort to know that 7 out of 10 people, hang up the moment they realise they are connected to one…and rarely call back.

As a Message Direct client, when someone wants you to have their business, we guarantee that you will get their call.

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