Our inbound message taking services are well known but did you know that Message Direct can also assist with your Outbound marketing?

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    The Message Direct Team will ensure that your database is up-to-date and structured with exactly the right data fields to enable your marketing to become more effective this year.

    Do you have a database?

    If you have gathered details of potential customers from a trade show or key event, Message Direct can format the data ready for the next stage of contact with your prospects or customers.

    Is your database out of date?

    A standard part of our service is data cleansing to remove any duplicate entries and check the address provided with the Royal Mail standards. The more accurate your database is the more success you can achieve with it. A year is a long time in marketing and people move on. It is essential to maintain regular checks and this discipline will also help you grow your list.

    Does your database need a little TLC?

    Sometimes important data is neglected with the pressure of other important projects. Message Direct can spring clean your data and provide the revised information in a format to suit you e.g. Excel, Access or a csv file.

    Follow up Calls

    Our team are well trained in customer relationship skills. To your tight brief, we can call your customers or prospects and gain additional information that you need to prepare a quotation or discover a renewal date or simply an email address to assist with your marketing programme.

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    Our outbound services include:

    • Data
    • Gathering
    • Cleansing
    • Formating
    • Outbound Marketing
    • Research
    • Telesales
    • Marketing