You New Business Venture Needs A Virtual Receptionist - Here's Why

Are you starting a new business venture? We think our virtual receptionist service could help you get started. Here’s why:

Cut the costs

Starting a business is a whirlwind of learning, adapting and grafting. Regardless of where you’re starting from, you’ll want to be sure you’re not spending money unnecessarily from the get-go. The long-term vision for your brand new business might be for a full team of in-house and even international staff, and that’s a great thing to have in your mind! However, you have to work from the ground up. Having someone available full-time to answer phones doesn’t need to cost you upwards of £20k a year. Message Direct are offering your brand new business a full-time virtual receptionist service for a fraction of that cost.

Focus on the most important things, without missing opportunities

The power of employing a call handling service is that it will put your mind at ease. There will be lots of things to dedicate thought and time to over the initial weeks, months and years of your new business venture - don’t cut the time these important things demand.

By outsourcing telephone answering for your business you give yourself breathing space. With Message Direct’s call answering and message taking services, our professional operators will answer your calls quickly and efficiently, behave on the phone as if they are your personal receptionist or PA, greeting the caller with the highest level of telephone etiquette. When you subscribe to our message taking services, we’ll offer you the following message delivery options: Email, sms text message, or fax. Leaving you to pick up messages at your convenience, and the convenience of your new business.

Stay in control of brand reception

By limiting the phone answering capabilities of your new business to the resources you have in-house (which may just be you!) you are leaving a great deal of customer communications up to chance.

When it comes to developing trust between your company and its clients, professional telephone liaisons are key. Telephone exchanges create a sense of immediacy, presenting your business as proactive and on the ball. This is fundamental for customer satisfaction, but it’s also extremely important for B2B exchanges.

Call Handling and Telephone Answering Services from Message Direct

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