Why you’ll never go back after you start using an out of hours telephone services

If you run a business, regardless of size or for how long you’ve been established, we believe that you could benefit from out of hours telephone answering facilities. Firstly, most business owners will want to accommodate both their clients and their staff, in the most effective way possible. They will also want to maximise sales and retention prospects with minimal cost to the business.

Often, for bigger companies, this means having a dedicated team of receptionists answering calls into the evening, or even 24 hours a day. For smaller businesses, this can seem impossible. However, by utilising a telephone answering service, like Message Direct, you can still benefit from 24/7 customer service, message taking and call handling.

Just a few reasons why you could benefit from call answering services:

  • Meet the modern customer’s expectations

In this day and age, your clients have come to expect customer service to be instantaneous. From instant web chat, to customer service Twitter accounts, your customer base is used to being able to contact businesses round the clock.

  • Maximise your professionalism

Being contactable 24 hours a day makes your business look very professional. It shows that you are dedicated enough to the customer experience that you are willing to invest time and money into these areas.

  • Increase your sales prospects

More answered calls = fewer missed opportunities. By answering as many calls as possible and assisting potential customers and existing customers alike, you will be sure to maximise your sales prospects.

  • Promote customer loyalty

By making it easier for your clients to contact you, you’re much more likely to develop a positive reputation and deal with all customer inquiries much more efficiently. Your customers will appreciate being able to call you when they have the time, rather than having to beat the customer rush during peak telephone hours.

For many people, working from 9-5 means that they only have their evenings and weekends free to deal with their personal affairs, whether enquiring about a business’ services or making a complaint. It is therefore incredibly frustrating for many people when they realise the business they need to contact is only available during normal business hours.