Why You Should Start a Remote Business

Starting your own business can be a daunting process. Over a third of people say they don’t know where to start when they go it alone. A substantial number of aspiring entrepreneurs aren’t confident that their grasp of modern business technology is good enough for them to be able to start their own business.

We’ve put together a quick list to inspire would-be business owners to overcome these challenges!

Be your own boss
Are you one of nearly half of the Britons who believe they could do a better job than their current manager? Being your own boss gives you the freedom to do things your way. There are few things worse than feeling unappreciated at work. So it’s not surprising that so many people have aspirations to build their own business and work for themselves.

Embrace the technology
As the world is becoming more digitally inclined, the less tech-savvy might feel like they can’t keep up. Don’t panic! There’s a huge array of technologies out there to help you start and build your business, from conference calling apps available to everyone at the tap of a touch screen, to call answering services to keep your customer relationships positive, you can run a business from your kitchen table as easily as in an office!

Ditch the commute
One of the biggest draws of starting a business is flexible working. Even if you don’t have the commitment of children, lots of people would work more happily from home or a local café than from a conventional office space. More people than ever are working from coffee shops and kitchen tables, and with all the amazing remote office technologies, including our phone answering services, you can still keep the professionalism of having an office space.

Entrepreneurialism on the rise
The last decade has seen a substantial increase in globalisation, cross-industry reliance and international outsourcing. There is now much less focus on clear-cut, single career paths. With advances in broadband and cloud computing, companies are finding that remote work is a cost-efficient and productive option for them. Now’s the time to put the effort into that great idea you’ve been sitting on.

To find out how a call answering service can benefit your remote business, contact our team today!