Top Apps for Self-Employed Traders Part 2

Technology is helping to make the life of the self-employed trader more efficient, less stressful, and accessible to all. Mobile apps, in particular, transform your smartphone into a pocket-sized, portable office, allowing you to keep your business running wherever you are.

While Message Direct has all of your telephone answering and message taking services taken care of, there’s a host of mobile apps that can help to streamline and promote your small business or start-up. Whether you are new to the world of mobile apps or looking for innovative ways to exploit new technologies, take a look at these great apps for self-employed traders.


Scannable allows you to scan documents with your smartphone camera, transforming the images into high-quality scans ready to save or share with customers. Scannable instinctively recognises documents such as receipts, and automatically crops and enhances images to create flawless digital documents. A great feature of this app is Scannable’s ability to transform a scanned business card into contact details that can be saved instantly into your phone’s contacts.


This award-winning electronic signature app does exactly as it says on the tin. DocuSign allows entrepreneurs to conduct business efficiently, providing a simple way to legally sign and return documents wherever you are. There’s no longer any need to delay business transactions by travelling between sites to sign and exchange documents. With DocuSign in your pocket, you can complete contracts, confirm deliveries, and sign off on work at the touch of a button.


Crugo is great for small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing a secure and efficient communication service to keep all of your text-based messages in one place. Using direct messaging and group chats, Crugo allows you to maintain contact with colleagues and stakeholders in real-time. Additional features include file sharing and group calendars, ensuring that your day-to-day business activities are streamlined and responsive. Built and based in the UK, Crugo offers friendly support and competitive pricing.


One of the biggest hurdles for new start-ups and small businesses is getting the word out about the fantastic work that you do. With Boast, it’s simple for customers to share their experiences and write glowing testimonials about your hard work and effort. Fully integrated with YouTube, Boast also offers the opportunity for customers to record short videos showcasing your work and praising your business, ensuring greater customer engagement with your brand. Rise above the competition and get the reputation you deserve, all with this innovative mobile app.


Running your small business’s social media accounts can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, yet the reach of online platforms is bigger than ever. Hootsuite not only saves you time, but it also helps you to find new customers and business prospects. By managing all of your social media – from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram – on a single dashboard, Hootsuite allows you to schedule your marketing in advance and to post across all of the platforms simultaneously. Now get to it, Hootsuite!