The Importance of Customer Service

Good customer service continues to be the linchpin of a successful business in the modern age. But there are two crucial resources that any company must have in order to satisfy a customer’s needs: a website and a contact telephone number. After all, being contactable is the first step to enabling new and existing customers to reach out to you.

Showing the customer you care

We may be living in a digital age of social media and electronic mail, but the need for businesses to offer a personal touch when dealing with customers and clients has never been more important.

Whatever your company may specialise in, if a customer has a query or complaint that can’t be dealt with in the FAQs section of your website, it is good practice to very clearly offer a phone number at the top of the home page. It is vital that queries can be listened to over the phone, rather than leaving people waiting an unspecified amount of time for an email response.

Can’t be reached by phone? Change that now

Few things arouse more suspicion and negative press in the business world than a company that can’t be contacted by phone. Don’t allow your business to be perceived as one of these operations.

It has been proven that customers who are dealt with over the phone, rather than through impersonal emails, tend to be more satisfied with the service being provided as they feel both valued and respected. The upshot from this is that they are generally more willing to remain a loyal customer and recommend the company to friends and family.

Create a great impression

For start-up businesses/small businesses trying to gain a foothold, it is vital to create an impression that makes people feel compelled to refer other customers to you. This objective will become eminently more achievable by putting into place a telephone answering service that deals with queries, complaints and even engages in message taking.

Upon visiting a website, any customer that can’t find a contact number is not going to be impressed. Furthermore, if they are being encouraged to leave a message along with contact details on the website, they are unlikely to do so and will instead seek out another company offering a similar service. People like to feel as though they are being heard and respected; being told to leave a few words on a website is impersonal and should be avoided.

Message Direct is here to help

This is where Message Direct steps in and helps you to make the great leap forward from being considered an adequate business to a great one that looks after its customers with personalised customer service.

No company or entrepreneur can realistically expect to grow and become popular in the marketplace if they don’t have a dedicated telephone answering service for potential customers and current ones.

Join the growing list of satisfied businesses

As an affordable and highly effective message taking service that assists many established companies, start-up businesses and individual entrepreneurs across the UK, here at Message Direct, we believe in the importance of lending customers an understanding ear. That’s why companies of all sizes have reaped the benefits of enlisting our telephone answering services.

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