The Importance of being Mobile Friendly and the ‘Click to Call’

Is your website mobile friendly?

It is no longer safe to assume that your website visitors will be using a traditional desktop or laptop computer. People are increasingly using mobile devices to search, browse and purchase from website. The problem is traditional websites, even those that were only developed a few years ago might not be commonly formatted for mobile display and therefore do not render well on modern mobile devices. A mobile friendly website is designed to display properly on smaller screens such as iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets. Unlike standard desktop websites, a mobile-optimized site adjusts to the smaller screen size and formats the website content in a mobile-friendly manner.

Why should my website be mobile friendly?

Google have announced that they will soon have a mobile website index as their primary index (as opposed to desktop). They’ve actually created an algorithm that ranks webpages by how compatible they are with mobile devices. Obviously this makes a lot of sense as it helps mobile users find websites that are mobile friendly with relative ease therefore giving them a better search result.

Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly will also ensure that visitors who are accessing your site using mobile devices have an optimal experience. A mobile friendly website will help to build credibility for your website as it will appear more professional, modern and up to date. It will also improve your rates of customer satisfaction as your website will be a great deal easier to use.

What is a ‘click to call’ button?

‘Click to call’ is a clickable link on a page which puts the phone’s dialer into active mode. The numbers of a webpage are converted, allowing the user to place a call to the business without having to enter any number into the dialer. A ‘click to call’ button on your website means mobile users are able to quickly contact your business with just one click of a button! A ‘click to call’ button will lead to faster conversions and make your customers’ experience much easier and therefore more enjoyable.

How do I add a ‘click to call’ button?

If you’d like to add a ‘click to call’ button to your website you just need to add the following tag to the source of a rich text module or directly into a HTML module on your layout, replacing the 5555555555 with your company’s phone number with no spaces or dashes:

If you have a phone icon and would like to create a ‘click to call’ button you can use the following markup to do so, replacing both the example phone number and the image tag’s source code to match your company’s phone number and the appropriate location of your file in your file manager.