Staying motivated in work when the nights start drawing in

Summer has come to an end, the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder. If only we could go into hibernation. However, the show must go on! How can you keep yourself motivated and productive in your work during the winter months?

In this blog we are going to highlight just a few tips you can use to keep yourself as motivated as possible over winter.

1 – Start the day right

Wake up early and resist a lie in. Even if it seems too cold to even peak your toes out from under the covers, getting up early will put you in the right mindset for the day.

Some people find that purchasing a faux-natural style light in their home can make winter mornings easier.

2 – Honour your lunch break

You’re not a robot, you can’t be expected to work continuously for a full 8 hour day. If you are permitted a 30 or 60 minute lunch break, make sure you utilise it. It can be all too easy to eat a quick lunch at your desk and avoid the wind and rain outside. The negative impact of this in the depths of winter is that you will have very little – if any – natural light in your day. This can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and productivity.

Even if your lunch break is going away from your desk to a kitchen area with a window, this is enough to create a buffer between morning and afternoon. A little reset in a full day of productivity.

3 – Stick with your exercise routine

It can be easy to slip out of your routine if it’s already dark when you get home from work. Allow extra time in the morning or evening for some exercise. One trick is to do it before you get home for the day, that way you won’t be tempted to settle on the sofa and not get back up.

4 – Keep your work and home life separate

When you’re not in the office – or in ‘working from home’’ mode – switch off. For a lot of business owners this is easier said than done. In these cases it can be a great idea to employ a call handling service such as Message Direct. This will leave you free to make the most of your free time, without risking missing important calls and messages.