Phone boxes: a thing of the past

Traditionally seen on most high streets, phone boxes have become increasingly rare in recent years. Whilst people once relied heavily on public phone boxes, the widespread use of mobile technology has rendered them largely obsolete.

Although some smaller villages throughout the UK still feature the iconic red phone box, many of the handsets in towns and cities have been removed or replaced with wireless hubs and hot spots.

With most people carrying a mobile phone, the need for public telephone facilities has declined fairly rapidly. With fewer phone boxes on our streets, mobile technology is the often the only option if you want to contact someone when you’re out and about. However, it’s important to remember that mobile technology does have its limitations.

Relying on mobile phones?

The availability of mobile and smartphones means that we’re used to being connected and contactable at all hours. Whilst this is great when services work as they should, we can feel isolated if the technology fails.

Although most areas of the UK have some level of phone signal, this doesn’t mean that every network provider will cover your area or that every call will be crystal clear. If you regularly travel for work, this can be particularly inconvenient as you could miss crucial calls from clients or customers.

Similarly, you’re reliant on the efficacy of your handset when using a mobile service. If something goes wrong or you accidentally damage your phone, you could be left scrambling to find a replacement. Whilst this is irritating if you use your phone for personal calls, it can be catastrophic for business users.

Stay connected with call answering services

Although mobile technology has many benefits for businesses, it’s not infallible. A broken charger or a network issue could prevent you from receiving or making business calls for hours, or even days. In addition to missing out on crucial revenue streams, you risk harming client loyalty if you’re uncontactable for any length of time.

However, there is a way to benefit from the use of mobile technology and ensure that you don’t suffer as a result of potential technical issues.

By making use of a professional call answering service, you can ensure that your clients and customers can reach you whenever they need to. If you’re unavailable, in a meeting or are travelling, you may not be able to answer incoming calls yourself. Rather than losing business, engaging a verified call answering service ensures that your business is accessible at all times.

Why risk losing business?

Using call answering or virtual reception services is an ideal way to present a professional image at all times. By providing a quick response to emergency calls, handling overflow calls and taking messages on your behalf, an experienced call handling service provider will ensure that your company is represented appropriately.

If you’re relying on mobile solutions to manage your business, you could be running the risk of losing vital income. To find out more about the benefits a professional call answering service can offer, why not get in touch with us?

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