Phone answering services for small businesses

Traditionally, in-house receptionists were fundamental to every business. Not only did they greet people at the door, but they would also answer the calls and take the messages. Today, as technology progresses, more and more people are using email to communicate instead.

If you are simply trying to arrange an appointment or leave a quick message, sometimes it is far quicker communicating via email – especially if people want to get in touch after business hours. It is therefore not always cost or time-effective to hire someone specifically to pick up the phone. Employing a full-time member of staff that you don’t particularly need will only place financial pressures upon the company, and certainly won’t be enjoyable for them either!

Despite this, all businesses should operate with a receptionist. Some customers would rather communicate over the phone than by email, which is important to take into account. For instance, if they are making a complaint it is much easier to resolve the issue when speaking to someone directly. For these purposes, an automated phone answering service could be hugely beneficial to your business. From hiring a virtual receptionist to simply implementing an overflow call system, you are bound to find the right option for your business.

There are many perks to signing up to an external phone answering service. Virtual receptionists are extremely professional, and can deal with any customer issues even outside of your usual business opening hours. To top it all off, virtual receptionists will not be required to run errands or attend to other tasks, which in-house staff often are. They won’t be required to pop to the shop for milk, or make everyone a round of coffee! Instead, their number one priority will be answering every single one of your calls as quickly as possible. You’ll never miss a message, which will go a long way in terms of building customer loyalty and impressing potential business partners.

In addition to this, external call handlers are exceptionally reliable. When in-house receptionists are on holiday or call in sick, you suddenly have to make alternative arrangements. It may be that another member of staff covers for them, distracting them from their own work, or you have no phone answering service at all. If you choose to outsource your calls, however, you simply won’t have this problem. With a whole team of professional virtual receptionists dedicated to taking your calls, you’ll never have to worry about being understaffed.

At Message Direct, we are committed to answering all calls within six seconds – the fastest response time in the industry. Are you ready to see how we could benefit your business? Call 01202 653001 today and discover how your business will grow when you hire a virtual receptionist.