Making a holiday work when running a small business

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably aware of how stressful it can be to organise holiday cover for your employees. Of course, your team of staff work hard and deserve their annual leave. However, when you rely on a select group of people to carry your business forward, even a few days without a full team can cause problems.

For instance, if your receptionist has booked some time off, how will you ensure that his/her job is covered while they’re away? Not only is it unfair to expect your other employees to take on extra work, but it could also be a risky move in terms of professionalism. They won’t be trained to deal with all aspects of call handling, and may not provide the excellent customer service you need to uphold as a small business.

Even missing just a few phone calls or failing to record messages accurately could damage your business’ reputation, and will cause unnecessary and time-consuming “clean up” for your employees when they return. With this is mind, it isn’t difficult to see why many companies opt for temporary call handling services to cover their employees on holiday.

Professional answering services ensure that there’s always a team of staff dedicated to the smooth running of your business. At Message Direct, our business answering service will make sure that your calls are answered and your messages recorded in a professional manner, even when your staff are absent. Our virtual receptionists are highly trained to deliver excellent customer service, and will even answer every call within 6 seconds – the quickest response time in the industry.

Maintaining a positive reputation is fundamental to the success of small businesses, which is why it’s important that anyone phoning your company receives impeccable customer service. Our virtual receptionists are so efficient that no caller could possibly suspect they aren’t part of your company! You can read more about them here.

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