How can our receptionists handle difficult callers effectively

In today’s competitive business environment, building and maintaining a positive reputation is fundamental to the success of your company. How your customers and peers perceive you is necessary if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Today, it simply isn’t enough to provide adequate customer service. Not only will this prevent your current clients from using your service again, but it’ll also stop new customers from giving you a chance. That’s why maintaining a positive relationship with your customers – even when they’re being difficult – is more important than ever.

Despite this, customer interaction doesn’t always go to plan. Whether you’re dealing with a customer complaint or a stressed company partner, some telephone calls simply aren’t a very pleasant experience. For businesses, however, maintaining a professional front and adhering to proper telephone etiquette is incredibly important – even more so for difficult callers.

That’s why many businesses now opt for a professional telephone service, to ensure that their customer phone calls are always answered by a friendly, polite receptionist. When you’re stressed and overworked, dealing with difficult callers is likely to make your day much more challenging. You may find yourself being rude to your customers, or even ignoring your ringing phone. A professional receptionist, however, will be dedicated to answering calls and recording all messages, and will be able to stay calm no matter what situation may arise.

At Message Direct, our virtual receptionists are trained to the highest possible standard, and are able to work through customer enquiries efficiently and diplomatically. Your customers will have their calls picked up within 6 seconds – the quickest response time in the industry – and will have their queries dealt with by a customer service expert. When required, our team of receptionists will even offer a 24/7 service, meaning that your customers can call at a time that’s convenient for them. These features really do make a difference to customer satisfaction, as we’re sure you’ll agree after just a short trial.