How a call answering service will benefit your small business

When a customer – or potential customer – calls a business, it’s because their query is too urgent for email or other channels of communication. Or, it might be because they are looking for a more personal response. Either way, if someone calls your business, you will want to ensure their query is dealt with promptly, to the best of your ability.

When you’re running a small business, you might be so busy juggling all your other commitments that you don’t always have a free hand for answering the phone. This puts you at risk of alienating customers and leaving them feeling undervalued. Often, this will lead to them taking business elsewhere.

So, you’re left with a conundrum. How do you ensure the invaluable lead generation and customer service resource of the telephone isn’t neglected, whilst maintaining all your other responsibilities as a business owner? The solution – have someone else do it.

Now, you could hire someone specifically to deal with call answering for your business. However, taking on a new member of staff is expensive. Not only are there wages to consider, but also the set up cost of a new employee, the time it will take you to get them up to speed. There’s considerations of sick leave and holiday to be made. All of this comes after you’ve hired your new employee, which in itself is a mammoth task.

Or, and this is where we come in, you could utilise a call answering service.

In addition to an exceptional level of professionalism, our live receptionists offer round the clock coverage seven days a week to ensure that no calls are missed, even if they are placed outside of regular business hours or from a different time zone. Our employees have extensive experience serving a wide range of industries. With our service, your business will have a dedicated account manager that you can rely on, who is always on hand to ensure that your service remains smooth.

Plus, with Message Direct we are committed to answering all of your calls within 6 seconds – the quickest response time in the industry!

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