Consider the many advantages of a virtual PA

When you’re running a business, whether small, medium or large, two of your top priorities will be maximising productivity and cutting costs. Solutions which are both time and cost-effective are key to running a successful company, yet can be challenging for business owners to implement efficiently.

This is especially true with regards to hiring a receptionist or personal assistant. For many business owners, a good personal assistant will be able to reduce their workload dramatically and allow them to tackle their day without being interrupted by the phone ringing. However, there are of course many problems with relying on an in-house receptionist. It is not only expensive to hire someone full-time, but you’re also left without cover in the case that they’re ill or have taken annual leave. That’s why many people now opt for virtual receptionists, and rely on companies like ourselves to provide business call handling services.

When you employ the services of Message Direct, you’ll have a dedicated team of professional call handlers monitoring your phone line whenever you need it. Here are just some of the many advantages of using a virtual personal assistant:

  • You won’t need to hire an in-house receptionist, so you’ll only have to pay someone if and when you require their services.
  • You’ll have round the clock coverage, meaning that your clients and business partners will have their queries taken care of even outside of business hours.
  • Our call handlers are trained to the highest standard, and will go above and beyond to uphold your business’ reputation.
  • No matter where you are in the world, your very own virtual PA will be on hand to take your calls and record your messages for you to deal with at a time that’s suitable for you.
  • At Message Direct we’re committed to answering all calls within 6 seconds – the quickest time in the industry!
  • With a virtual receptionist, you’ll spend less time answering the phone and more time focusing on the more important aspects of your business.

Are you ready to see how a virtual receptionist could benefit your business? Get in touch with us today.