Christmas cover for your business

Bonfire night has passed, Halloween is over. The last of the drooping jack-o-lanterns have been chucked, unceremoniously, in the bin. Next stop, Christmas.

We all know that Christmas can be a highly stressful time for businesses, and it can be especially tricky to maintain continuity with your customer service and call answering. As a business owner you need to be taking every organisational step you can now, in order to help the Christmas period run more smoothly for you. One major change you can make for the good of yourself, and your customers this festive season is to utilise a call answering or message taking service.

Here are just a few reasons why:

24/7 contactability

The business world doesn’t come to a standstill over Christmas. At Message Direct we offer 24/7 telephone answering services. This 24/7 contactability will be hugely helpful if your company depends on international transactions, which will often occur outside of UK business hours.

Take the pressure of you

It can be tricky to maintain your work/life balance if you’re a business owner. This is especially true over Christmas. By hiring a virtual receptionist to take your calls you will no longer have to worry about being disturbed by clients when you’re trying to enjoy mince pies with your family and trying to enjoy personal time.

Don’t miss sales leads

As the lifeblood of most modern businesses, you can’t afford to miss those important sales calls – even over Christmas. Whilst plenty of sales leads will be done online nowadays, the conversion rate when it comes to telephone conversations will often be higher.

Maintain customer loyalty

When it comes to developing trust and loyalty between your company and its clients, year round professional telephone liaisons are key. Being contactable over the festive season may even put you above your competitors.

Help the transition back to work

Going back to work after the a break can be tough at the best of times. Especially after Christmas and New Year. Using a call handling service over the Christmas period will help ease you back into your productive working routine.

At Message Direct we specialise in implementing year-round efficient and successful telephone answering. If you’re ready to improve your telephone systems, give us a call to see how we can help you.