Once you have invested in a new sales campaign or a series of recruitment adverts you will of course want all resulting telephone enquiries to be handled efficiently, preferably without putting any strain on your existing staff. Candidates for job openings and potential customers are unlikely to be impressed if their calls go unanswered and may decide to go elsewhere rather than trying to call again.

    A team you can trust and recognise to answer your calls as if we are based in your office - never miss a call again!

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    You can maximise the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and recruitment drives by letting our media response and brochure request team manage all the responses.

    That way, you will be sure that whatever the volume of calls, they will be answered promptly, and all messages distributed to your sales or recruitment team immediately.

    Our efficient call handling operators are fully trained and experienced, and will deal with all telephone enquiries professionally and courteously. Never again will you miss out on a new business opportunity because your staff were too busy to answer a call from a prospective client or employee

    The telephone is an excellent tool for targeted campaigns and our media response service will enable you to deal with any peaks in traffic without a hitch.

    Additional telephone lines can be provided to capture the lift in activity and bespoke instructions provided to our team to ensure they gather the valuable information you need to make the most of every new campaign that you launch.

    Whether dealing with a simple brochure request or a more involved enquiry, our team will ensure that your company looks good.

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