Virtual Receptionist Services

When Message Direct launched operations back in 1994, we were one of the first companies to offer virtual receptionist services in the UK. In the years since, we’ve consistently stayed one step ahead of the competition, providing a high-value service at a time when the world was still waking up to the possibility of what a virtual receptionist could do.

Today, we continue to be a leader in our industry. Our call centre is located in Ferndown, Dorset – and this is where all of our operators work. From here, we provide virtual receptionist services to clients all over the UK. It doesn’t matter where you are located, or whether you operate a bricks-and-mortar office or virtual front. In every case, we can provide you with efficient and highly professional virtual receptionist services.

How Our Virtual Receptionist Service Works

When you charter a virtual receptionist from Message Direct, you are hiring much more than a message taker. All of our staff have been carefully selected and expertly trained to ensure that they adhere to the highest level of professional etiquette. You’ll see this both in your interactions with them, and in the way they interact with your customers. This, in turn, makes an enormous difference in your customers’ experience.

We will set you up with a virtual phone number that reflects your preferred geographic location. Your callers will assume they’re ringing your physical office rather than our call centre in Ferndown. They’ll answer the phone according to an official answer script that we will work with you to create.

Our phone operators will answer each incoming call on time and with the highest degree of professionalism. Whereas an actual on-site receptionist in your office might have other responsibilities to tend to, our operators are completely devoted to interacting with callers. This is what they’re trained to do, and as a result, your virtual receptionist will exceed your expectations – as well as those of your customers.

Added Benefits of Having a Virtual Receptionist based in the UK

  • In addition to an exceptional level of professionalism, our virtual receptionists offer the following additional benefits:
  • Round-the-clock coverage seven days a week (when requested) to ensure that no calls are missed, even if they are placed outside of regular business from a different time zone.
  • Extensive experience serving a wide range of industries; our clients include everything from carpenters to website builders, with a wide range of sectors in between.
  • A dedicated account manager that you can rely on; this person is always on hand to ensure that your service remains smooth.
  • A commitment to answering all calls within six seconds – the quickest response time in the industry!
  • A simple and straightforward method of changing the way in which your calls are answered; just contact your account manager.

Contact Message Direct for a Virtual Office Receptionist

Our entire service model is designed to make your business processes run more smoothly. We offer services to match your specific needs – and no company is too big or too small. There’s no limit to the volume of calls we can handle. Contact the team at Message Direct to learn more.