Overflow Call Handling

Whenever your phone is unattended, busy or you simply wish to work undisturbed, you can easily programme it to automatically divert calls to Message Direct. Our efficient and cost effective overflow call handling service will enable you to cope with fluctuating demand without any deterioration in the level of customer support that you are able to provide.

Many businesses are struggling to keep their overheads as low as possible today and our flexible call handling support service provides additional staff just when you need them. Telephone answering from Message Direct avoids the costs associated with employing additional staff during busy times. Overflow call handling can be set up with 24/7 support, just at lunchtimes or for sickness and holiday cover. You choose when you would like to us to help you deal with client calls and our professional operators will be ready and waiting.

Outsourcing call handling to our friendly and experienced team will enable your own staff to work on projects that are essential to your business operations without being constantly disturbed. It really is the most efficient way for firms of all sizes to cope with a constantly changing workflow whilst avoiding the unnecessary costs associated with hiring extra members of staff on a short or long-term basis.

To provide seamless support for your customers, add out-of-office hours call handling to our overflow service. This will ensure that no matter when they happen to call, your customers will always be able to speak to a real person rather than a machine.

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