Call Handling and Telephone Answering Services from Message Direct 

Message Direct helps clients across the UK better manage their phone lines and other communication channels. We offer a range of call handling and telephone answering services, with flexible packages to ensure that you receive precisely the level of coverage you are looking for. 

With Message Direct staffing the phone lines, you’ll never have to worry about the potential business squandered on missed calls or busy phone lines. Instead, you and your team can focus on delivering higher-quality products and services with the peace of mind that comes with knowing Message Direct is minding the phones on your behalf.

We Provide Answering Services for Small Business & Big Businesses Alike

We’ve worked hard to create customisable service packages that can be tailored to suit businesses of any size. Our live telephone answering service is particularly popular amongst small businesses and startups, as they often lack the in-house staff needed to keep up with incoming calls. By taking advantage of Message Direct’s call handling service, these small organisations can focus on facilitating growth without having to set aside an enormous portion of their budget to install more phone lines and hire more staff.

We have also found that many of the startups that originally hire us as a temporary solution often end up sticking with us for the long run. We offer a highly competitive and cost-effective alternative to handling calls in house – especially during busy periods, when the volume of incoming calls exceeds your network’s capabilities.

And with our 24-hour coverage, you can rest assured that every incoming call receives the same level of priority, regardless of where it originates or when it is received. If you would like to ensure that your customers can always talk to a real person – even in the middle of the night – then Message Direct can help.

Our Team of Answering Service Responders Sets Us Apart

Our telephone answering services are made possible by a team of highly trained receptionists who have years of call handling experience. All of our operators are based in the UK and have served a wide range of industries and sectors. And they’ve been trained to operate professionally and in a manner that puts customers at ease.

When your callers are routed through to our business answering service, they will receive a professional greeting from a member of our team. Our representative will answer the phone on your behalf and as if they are physically located in your office. They’ll respond to queries when possible and take messages that can be relayed to you ivia email, SMS text message or by fax.

Streamline Your Business Operations with Our Telephone Answering Service

Our live 24-hour telephone answering service for the UK will help you streamline your business operations by enabling key employees to focus on their responsibilities without distraction. To learn more about how we can help your business operate more smoothly, feel free to contact us via the website or by calling us on 01202 653001.message

Business Start Ups

At a time when you want to control costs but have a professional response to all enquiries, Message Direct will become part of your team helping you grow.

Flexible Pricing

Not everyone requires the same level of service. Whatever support you require with your telephones we will have the professional team to help. Please ask for a quote.

24/7 Telephone

This is an essential service for most clients. Message Direct can handle all your calls in unsocial hours and keep your overheads low.

Virtual Receptionist

Our operators are fully briefed on your business to handle calls your way and deliver them to you in the way you prefer.