Our friendly, highly trained staff have been entrusted to answer in excess of 10 million calls for over 10,000 customers since 1994. Message Direct were one of the first inbound call centres in the UK and our customers know their business is safe in our hands!

First Impressions Count

Every good businessman knows that the first time somebody comes into contact with their company it is vital that they have a good experience. There are no second chances to make a good first impression and our firm can ensure that there is never any need to try.

Whether you choose to use our emergency response team or a call answering service to fill in for employees who are on holiday, you can rest assured that our operators will integrate seamlessly with your existing staff and deal with each caller politely and efficiently.

Overflow services are easy to implement as all major telecommunications providers offer their clients the option to divert incoming calls when their lines are busy or there is no reply after a fixed amount of time.

By diverting your customers to our number your employees can concentrate on whatever they are doing whilst our team makes sure that no opportunities are missed due to people being unable to get through.

Messages that are taken by our staff can be forwarded to your organisation by email, fax or SMS so there is no need for your employees to worry about taking notes when using our telephone answering service.

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