Below are some of the more common questions we get asked about our call handling and virtual receptionist services.

Can I decide when to divert my calls to you?

Yes, you can divert your calls to us at anytime as little or as often as you like, the control is at your fingertips!

Do I need special equipment to use your services?

No, you simply require Call Diversion. If you don’t have this already your phone provider can add this to your line, this is as little as £1.75 a month from BT. For more information on how this works please see the Overflow Call Handling page.

Are the calls answered in my company’s name?

Absolutely. We will provide you with a dedicated number just for your business calls. When your number is called this will automatically bring your screen up in front of the telephone PA, enabling them to answer with your company name and your preferred greeting!

How are the messages sent to me?

Immediately via email, call patching (seamless call transfer to you), call out – message relay or by fax. We do offer a Text service for an additional 12p per message. You can also receive a summary of your calls via email each and every day at a time and email address of your choice.

Can I still answer my calls if I wish to?

Yes, you only need to activate the divert when you want us to take the calls.

What if more than one person is calling me at any one time?

You can set your call diversion so if you are on the phone or away from your desk we can take the calls for you. We can handle over 500 calls per hour so our team can take simultaneous calls for you within 7-12 seconds of the calls coming through our system

Are all calls answered within the UK, even after normal office hours?

Yes, all our calls are answered live by our team of trained & experienced PA’s in our bureau in Dorset. So we do not disperse any calls to anywhere else in the UK or abroad.

I currently divert my calls to my mobile – how will your service benefit me?

Well, when you are out and about, in a meeting or driving in your car, most of the time it is inconvenient to take business calls. It also doesn’t always give out the professional image you wish to portray to your clients. Let us take the calls for you and if you wish we can text you the message, so you can still call that person back there and then if you so wish.

I already have staff to answer my calls, so why would I need your services?

Every business, no matter what their size, misses calls. This is for a number of reasons, mainly due to the operator(s) already engaged on the phone or calls being held in a queue or not answered – callers simply hang up! You can ensure that every call of this nature is diverted to us and is answered and a message taken so you can get back to them. The caller will still think they are speaking to your business and will be reassured that the person that they need to speak to will call them back.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, you pay an initial set-up fee, along with the agreed monthly package costs. All of these will be clearly explained to you before you decide to take up the service with us.

Can I change the package I sign up for?

If your call volume increases or decreases significantly you simply need to contact your dedicated account manager who will adjust the package to a more suitable one for your needs – and there is no charge for doing so!

Do you offer an emergency call out service, especially for out of hours?

Our Bureau is open 24/7 – 365 days a year. This enables us to offer this as part of our standard service. Please speak to our Sales Department for more information on how this can work for your business.

Will your staff know enough about my business to assist my callers?

We like to hold certain information as standard to help us assist callers. For example, details of your postal address, fax number, company email address as well as your website so we can provide these to callers who are just after this information. No-one expects a receptionist to know all the business answers and we will always advise the caller that the person best suited to assist them with their query will get back to them. We are more than aware that the best person to talk about your business is you!

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