How to divert calls
Call diversion works the same way on BT, Telewest or NTL lines. If you don’t already have this feature installed you will need to call your supplier and order it. BT charges £1.75 per month, NTL and Telewest £1.00 per month.

There are three call diversion options and you will simply choose the one which suits you:

Divert when engaged or no reply
*66* Your personal number #

The most popular option is for our clients to divert calls when the line is engaged or if there is no reply after 15 seconds. This means you can relax in or out of the office, knowing that wherever you are and whatever you are doing; Message Direct will always take your calls.

Divert only when engaged
*67* Your personal number #

Under this option, you divert calls to Message Direct when your own line is engaged. If your line is busy, the call will transfer to one of our receptionists immediately.

Divert all calls
*21* Your personal number #

If you are away on holiday or the office is unmanned, you will need to set your phone to permanent divert. Under this option, all of your calls are diverted to Message Direct PAs immediately.

It really is that easy to outsource call handling to our expert operators. It will take a matter of minutes to run through these overflow call handling instructions with your employees and then you can relax, safe in the knowledge that no calls will ever go unanswered. With a team of professionals to deal with your customers whenever you are busy, your business operations will run smoothly at all times. In addition to helping you to deal with client calls during busy periods or when your employees are away from their desks, we can also provide an out-of-office hours service if desired.

With Message Direct you are in full control of when we take your calls. If at any time you prefer not to send calls to us, simply cancel the diversion.