Why You Need Telephone Cover When On Holiday

You may need a holiday, but it doesn’t mean your business has to have one too. If you are thinking of taking some time off, you need to consider the impact it could have on your company and revenue. It can be very damaging to a business when your clients get the impression you are closed. It’s not enough to simply have an answerphone in place; in fact, surveys reveal that 70% of people will put the phone down when they realise they are connected to one, and don’t usually call back.

A simple and cost-effective solution is to install short-term telephone answering services while you are away. This option can last from anything from a week to a month and means that all calls will be answered in either your company name or as “reception”. Detailed messages are then taken and sent to you in an email or by text message. Most clients will not even realise they have been put through to a holiday cover service provider.

It may be that you, your PA, or your receptionist are on holiday or are off sick. During this holiday or temporary cover period, calls need to be answered in a professional manner. If your business demands longer hours, phone cover can extend to 24/7 support. It’s simply not worth taking a risk when it comes to your business.

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