Who Needs An Emergency Response Service?

Emergency response provides support in the event of a critical situation. It allows 24/7 access to professional and dedicated emergency response services, and on-going training allows clients to know how to react accordingly to any emergency situation. Resilient and robust telecommunications equipment ensures customers are best prepared when faced with an emergency.

Emergency response can save you time when a critical incident takes place, and a variety of sectors can benefit from this sort of service. Examples of when this service is needed is during unmanned/manned installations, drilling rigs, installing lifts, fuel/oil spills, fire and floods, road traffic collisions, animal carcass removal, hazmat and chemical incidents, removal of clinical waste and blood, remediation and decontamination of contaminated sites, and removal of fly-tipped rubbish (including asbestos).

Any business in which out of office hours cover is required should consider an emergency response service. The escalation process will then be managed efficiently and speedily in accordance with your instructions. All calls are then called out to your on-call personnel without any delay.

Having an emergency response service in place can help you to minimise risk to the environment, the public, and your employees. As well as this, it meets your legal requirements which, in turn, avoids the risk of prosecution, and maintains the integrity and reputation of your brand.

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