Turning your Business into an International Concern

Gone are the days when only the largest of commercial organisations could market their products to consumers all over the world. Nowadays, even the smallest of companies can benefit from the added security that comes from having a client base which extends beyond national borders. If you would like to explore the possibilities offered by expanding into overseas markets, the following tips are sure to come in useful.

Website localization – if you want to maximise your chances of gaining new customers from around the world, you need to think about how your website will render in every country that you would like to target. In addition to translating your sales copy into the relevant languages, you need to consider any cultural issues that may need to be addressed as well.

Secure payment facility – if you are running an online retail business and you want to make sure that overseas consumers feel confident in dealing with your company, the first step is to have a secure, preferably internationally recognised, payment facility on your site. The single most important factor when marketing your company abroad is to gain the trust of prospective customers.

Prompt delivery – you should aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment into your bank account. Any slower and the speed of international postal services could ruin your attempts to take global retail markets by storm. Your customers may give you some leeway at weekends but during the week, try to follow this advice at all times.

Before you do any of the above, you should of course make sure that the products you are selling are likely to appeal to overseas consumers. You can do this by conducting your own informal market research or by commissioning an agency to research new markets on your behalf.

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