Running a New Promotion

Offering a special deal to your customers can help to increase turnover and keep your company afloat in difficult economic times but you need to make sure that you will not be overwhelmed by the response before you start to advertise any discounted products or services. Bear the following points in mind when starting a new campaign.

1. Order any new stock you will need as soon as possible. Your company may normally operate very efficiently using a just-in-time inventory system but if you are planning a big promotion it is a good idea to order anything you need a little earlier than usual, to avoid overwhelming your system. This approach will place more demands on your cash flow and warehouse space so be prepared to make adjustments as and where they are needed.

2. Consider using a telephone answering service to deal with overflow calls. Taking on more staff just to deal with a temporary promotion is probably not the best way to handle the extra calls you expect to receive. Instead, think about using a service such as ours to ensure that all calls are answered in a professional manner and that all relevant customer details are recorded for future use.

3. Offer bonuses to full-time employees who are prepared to make an extra effort whilst the promotion is running. If you can guarantee that every member of your team will be making a special effort to cope with the temporary increase in turnover that your campaign produces, you are likely to encounter far fewer problems along the way.

There are many other ways to deal with a short-term influx of enquiries and new orders but the above are probably the easiest and most cost effective so are worth trying before you search for other solutions.

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