Meet Your Virtual Receptionist: Catherine

Meet Catherine, one of the longest-serving virtual receptionists at Message Direct. She has been with us for several years, during which time we have seen her delight our clients over and again with her professionalism and gift for clear and concise communication. Honestly, without reliable receptionists like Catherine, we wouldn’t have such a long list of satisfied clients.

Catherine has a gift for making callers feel like they are sitting right there in the room with her. She’s at once disarming and engaging and can make just about anyone feel comfortable after just a few seconds of conversation. It’s a gift of hers, though she’d have you believe that she’s not doing anything special. We’ve seen her in action, and we know different.

Catherine’s warmth and friendliness on the phone make her an excellent outbound marketer as well. She has a degree in Marketing and Sales from Portsmouth Business School, and her background and experience shines through in outbound sales calls.

Given her talent and passion for the job, we’ve worked hard to keep Catherine on staff. She currently holds a senior position amongst our virtual receptionists, and we’ve moved her into a position that allows her to coach new hires, which only serves to strengthen our team.

In particular, Catherine works to help our receptionists develop skills in the following areas:

  • Initiating a rapid conversation with potential customers while holding their attention and generating legitimate interest
  • Adjusting their message to a wide range of situations
  • Innately understanding potential customers’ needs
  • Predicting how customers will respond to a specific strategy

Catherine is definitely going places in the world of sales, marketing and customer service. Fortunately, she has chosen to develop her career right here at Message Direct. We asked her to share a little bit about her sales and marketing philosophy, and here’s what she had to say:

“For me, marketing is all about making a personal connection—especially when contacting people who may not be expecting the call. Over the past few years, I’ve had thousands upon thousands of conversations with purchasing managers and consumers, alike. I tried to treat every single one as an opportunity to make a connection. People respond well to friendliness, no matter the context. In terms of outbound marketing, I think this makes all the difference.”

Judging by Catherine’s record, we couldn’t agree more. Warmth and friendliness make all the difference.


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