Making Your Digital Strategy More Human

When it comes to reaching out to new consumers in the digital world, too many businesses forget to add a human element to the tactics that they use. The focus is generally on gaining attention which can be fleeting, fickle and unreliable. Instead, you should focus on the Four E’s when using modern technology for your business.


One of the main strategies used to gain an audience is providing titillation rather than education. While slapping a swimsuit model or a cute kitten on your marketing might grab attention, it won’t improve your customers’ lives. Instead, you should determine your strategy’s purpose creating an idea that educates individual consumers.


A human digital strategy will also help consumers understand the world better. Instead of relying on trick advertising or mindless viral videos, use technology to empower the audience. Help them solve problems, give them access to new information, do something that provides a broader perspective, and they will come flocking to your company.


Traditionally, businesses reached out to their audiences in a one-way manner. These days though, you will gain loyalty through a more human approach, connecting through virtual receptionist services, online chat, etc. Avoid using superficial marketing tactics which only look impressive on the surface and opt to really connect with the public instead.


Lastly, it’s important to listen to your customers rather than simply talking with them. Whether they contact you via email or your telephone answering service, show that you value their custom, feedback and ideas. Reward them for their attention, give them something back, and they will be loyal to you for a very long time.

By following this advice, you will reach out to the public in a more human manner, promoting loyalty in your potential customers and actually encouraging people to respect your brand in the process.

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