Maintaining Discipline in a Home Office Environment

For some people who run their own business from home, consistently focusing on the task at hand throughout the working day can be a problem. If you find it difficult to stay focused in such an informal environment, this short guide may help you to maintain a professional attitude in the future.

Use a separate room as your office

It can be tempting to take your laptop into the living room and settle into a comfy chair when you are working at home but the confusion between your work and leisure time that this may create in your mind can make it very hard to get anything at all done. Assuming that you have the space, it is much better to turn a small room in your house into your home office.

Create separate email and messaging accounts for business

If you are logged into your personal Skype and Line accounts all day, you will probably be distracted by messages and calls from friends and family. You can avoid this becoming an issue by creating separate accounts in the name of your business and only logging into your personal accounts when the working day is over.

Be very strict with visitors

If you want to be able to work effectively from your home office, you need to make sure that friends and relatives do not think it is fine to drop in for a chat whenever they happen to be in the area. Convince them that you will turn them away if they visit during business hours and your life will be much easier.

If you try all of the above and you still find it hard to focus, it may be time to consider hiring a small serviced office or to find an alternative location in your neighbourhood that is separate from your home.

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