How To Avoid Wasting Time During The Working Day

Continuous mental breaks throughout the day can result in serious lack of productivity. Personal phone calls, texts, social emails, and chats with other staff members can take a huge chunk out of your working day. While occasional breaks are an employee’s prerogative, it is important to know when to draw the line. Here are some tips on how to avoid time-wasting during working hours:

– Identify what makes you lose focus in the first place. This is the first step to understanding where it’s going wrong.

– Make a list of tasks to be accomplished throughout the day. Prioritise time-sensitive projects and make sure the list is not over-ambitious.

– Find your “prime time” when you work best, and schedule toughest tasks for around these times.

– Social media can be one of the biggest distractions. Consider using an internet-blocking app, such as AntiSocial, if you find you can’t self-restrain. Allocate a time when you check it – for example once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

– Avoid lengthy chats with other colleagues, making sure they last for only a short, appropriate amount of time.

– Make sure you are up-to-date with your industry’s news, but have a set ritual time – for example, 20 minutes – where you read this sort of material.

– Whilst doses of caffeine and willpower will see you through short-term projects, ensuring you get enough sleep and are eating properly will have a notable effect on productivity.

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