Getting the right multichannel marketing mix in 2015


Traditional marketing techniques, such as billboards, print, broadcasting and television, have had a definite wake-up call since online marketing, particularly social media marketing, arrived on the scene. We understand only too clearly that retailers and service providers now have to negotiate a veritable minefield of marketing opportunities.

So how do you know the best way to arrive at the right marketing mix for a product or service? For example, would direct personal communications by email, letter, telephone or text message be most effective? Would potential customers prefer a hard copy brochure or a mail order catalogue of the virtual variety?

One source, many applications

We think multichannel marketing promotes improved efficiency – getting products to the marketplace more quickly and streamlining processes, so that capacity can be increased or costs reduced.

Building brand loyalty

We noticed that in a recent survey of media and entertainment companies, brand building and loyalty came top of the list. That puts multichannel marketing top of the list too, as existing and potential customers are using a wider variety of ways to gather information than ever before. Next in the survey pecking order came digital analytics – proof that accessing, analysing, sharing and optimising data is key. In joint third place was integrating online and offline data and connected television – precisely what we know effective multichannel marketing does.

The survey results represented data gathered in November 2014 and are expected to inform the entertainment and media sector’s digital planning for 2015. Earlier in the year another analysis found that there are some interesting shifts in marketing mix trends, with email messages containing social share buttons increasing click through rates by 158%, while social marketing budgets are predicted to double during the next five years. We found it fascinating that 73% of reporters thought news releases should contain images, while 67% of business to business (B2B) content marketers thought that event marketing represented the most effective strategy.

Social media

We never doubted the power of social media, so it was interesting to see the statistical evidence – companies that blog (B2B) generate 67% more leads than those that don’t, and marketers have found a sizeable proportion of customers via Facebook (52%) and LinkedIn (43%): maybe it’s the right time to revisit the business multichannel marketing mix?

Telephone Answering Service

Messages can be taken by a virtual receptionist, someone who has been trained to a high standard and fully briefed about your business. Qualified, detailed outputs can be logged for action later or sent as text messages or emails (or even faxes) to a nominated member of your staff to prioritise and action if strictly necessary.

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