Are You Getting The Most From Your Business Meetings?

For many business owners, meetings take up a significant amount of the working day. And, when you’re running your own business, time is extremely precious – so it’s essential that every meeting proves worthwhile.

Whether you’re liaising with employees, existing customer or prospects, here are some tips on holding an effective business meeting:

Consider your invitees

Before you hold the meeting, you need to think of who really needs to be there. This is more important when holding a meeting with your employees: you need to pin-point who will benefit from the meeting, as if a meeting turns out to be a waste of an employee’s time, it will consequently be a waste of your money.

State the objective

Make sure you state the meeting’s objective from the offset – whether it’s to discuss company performance, future targets, or to introduce your team to a new product or service. Whatever it is, your goal should be clear from the very start, as you don’t want people wondering why they’re there halfway through the meeting.

Set a schedule

Once you’ve explained the objective, the next thing you should do is let your employees know what points you are going to address in the meeting. You should be able to say, ‘first, I will be talking about X; then I will move on to talk about Y.’ Keeping your recipients ‘in the know’ will help to ensure they don’t lose concentration or interest during the meeting.

Stick to the time

If you’ve said that your meeting will last an hour, then it should last an hour. Digressing from your schedule and going over by 20 minutes will end up frustrating the recipients, particularly if they’ve got somewhere else they need to be.

Follow up

You should make sure that you follow up every meeting to see if you’ve accomplished what you set out to achieve. Email the attendees of your meetings with a brief summary of the points covered in the meeting, and invite them to give feedback or ask any questions.

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