Five Business Myths You Can Consider Busted

The advances in technology have changed the business world forever, turning certain long held traditions into myths which are no longer applicable. Here are five beliefs which are now obsolete in the modern day commercial marketplace.

Employees Need to Work Their Way Up

Previously, new staff members started at the bottom of the ladder and were left doing menial tasks until they did their time. These days, business owners are involving lower ranked employees more often, referring to them for new and innovative ideas.

Finances Are a Personal, Confidential Matter

Unlike a few decades ago, the modern office worker won’t hesitate to talk about their wages. This means everyone should be paid fairly to avoid staff discontent or complaints. Hard work can still be rewarded by higher pay, of course.

Social Media Is Best Kept Out of the Office

Previously, social media was deemed a waste of time. Now though, the trend is that it still has its place. Not only can it be used for branding, recruiting and networking but leaving it unblocked shows you trust your staff’s restraint levels.

Work Only Happens in Business Hours

Whereas before work occurred from 9 to 5 in the office, current technology like smartphones, telephone answering services, etc. have created a flexible corporate setting where staff members can do their jobs wherever and whenever they like.

Experience and a Plan Make a Great Employee

Today’s mindset of looking for a job you love has overshadowed the previous belief in the long-term career path. Thus, you should consider applicants from other backgrounds to fill up your vacancies as they may present new ideas and inspiration.

It’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to running any type of business. We are now in the modern age and it is time to leave myths like these behind

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