Choosing a Reliable Telephone Answering Service

With so many answering services on the market today it can be difficult to source the right answering service provider to ensure your important clients and customers are always able to speak to a ‘real person’ when they call your phone lines. So what sets a high-quality answering service apart from the competition?

That’s actually a great question to ask because there are a number of aspects of an answering service that can empower the call handling service provider to stand head and shoulders above the rest. These aspects include their experience in providing outstanding call handling solutions, their services and availability, flexibility, the testimonials they have received from their customers, and so much more.

Message Direct is a leading telephone answering service provider and we’ll never take chances with your business. We understand just how important each and every incoming call is and pride ourselves on treating each call as if it were vital to the success of your business. And in many ways each call is. Please read on to find out how to choose a reliable telephone answering service provider and why we think you’ll be doing your business a big favour by choosing Message Direct. We offer telephone answering and so much more …


There’s a lot to be said for experience in business and telephone answering is no exception to the rule. When looking for an answering service provider to handle your incoming calls when you need assistance, ensure they are experienced and have a verifiable history of providing an outstanding call handling service to their customers.

Message Direct was one of the first inbound call centres in the United Kingdom and our highly trained and experienced staff have now handled more than 10 million calls for more than 3,000 customers since our establishment in 1994. With more than 20 years’ experience to our name, it’s little wonder that we understand the ins and outs of the call handling industry better than most. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is in safe hands, choose Message Direct.

A 24 Hour, 7 Day a Week Service

For many businesses, the times they need the services of a telephone answering service provider the most are the times when there’s no one in the office to answer the phone. For that reason and many more, it’s important to ensure that a call handling service provider offers a flexible and reliable 24 hour, 7 day a week telephone answering service.

But not only that, you need to be certain that their call centre is adequately staffed at all times of the day because it won’t do your business any favours to have your calls directed to their lines if there’s no one to answer them or if their staff are so rushed that they can’t give your important callers the time and energy that they deserve.

Message Direct offers businesses across the UK a reliable and efficient 24 hour, 7 day a week call handling service that ensures they never miss a call at any time of the day or night, and even over weekends and on bank holidays.

Our services represent an affordable, cost-effective means of ensuring that your customers are always able to speak to a real person when they call to enquire about your products and services. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer our valued customers and will amend rotas upon request to ensure our call handling services always meet your specific needs.

A Wide Range of Services

There’s not just one telephone answering service you can arrange to help your business make a great impression at all times but many. Therefore, when sourcing a telephone answering service provider, make sure that they offer a wide range of call handling services that include message taking, emergency response, overflow call handling, outbound services, media response & brochure request, as well as holiday & temporary cover.

You never know when you may require another call handling service on short notice, so it’s a wise move to have established a relationship with a telephone answering service provider that can provide you with the services you require the moment you need them.

Message Direct offers a broad range of flexible call handling services that you can arrange with a single phone call. As a result, if you have an important meeting to attend and don’t want to be disturbed, use our message taking service, or if you need a hand with your outbound marketing needs, give us a call to take advantage of the outbound marketing services Message Direct offers. There’s so much more to our business services than inbound call handling alone.


Customer testimonials are an excellent way to get a feel for the way the services of a telephone answering service provider have been received by their customers. This is very important because until you entrust your phone lines, and therefore your clients and customers’ first impressions of your business, to a telephone answering service provider, you may not feel completely comfortable judging how professional they are.

Message Direct has helped thousands of businesses across the UK put their best foot forward and convey a favourable first impression with our telephone answering services. As a result, we have been blessed with many glowing referrals from our valued customers and you can read their testimonials here on our website by accessing our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Many features of the services a telephone answering service provider offers can set them apart from the competition and make their services stand out from the rest.

Message Direct is a leading call handling company in the UK with more than 20 years’ experience helping businesses of all sizes convey a professional impression of their organisation to their current and future clients and customers. If you’d like to put your best foot forward with your phone lines with the aim of making your business stand out from your competitors, give Message Direct a call today.



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