Choosing a Name for Your New Business

A business’ name can either make it or break it, depending on the words chosen. As the main title for your enterprise, the name is generally what people get their first impressions from and should therefore be selected wisely. Here are a few tips to help you choose a name for your business which benefits rather than hinders your chances of success.

1. Define Your Business Qualities. The name chosen should emphasis your company’s key properties. Consider what makes your business unique and the qualities you want associated with it, and incorporate these into its title.

2. Make It Self-explanatory. Avoid the use of made-up words as these may confuse the reader. Instead, create a name based on real words or a combination of words which can be easily understood.

3. Avoid Specific Descriptions. Never use place names or select products within your business name. If you do, the title will become obsolete if you expand to a new area or start selling other goods.

4. Be Aware of Language Issues. If operating in a multi-lingual region, make sure the words used don’t have a negative, offensive or embarrassing meaning in both English and the second most common language used.

5. Look at the Competition. Your name should help your business stand out. Avoid words and phrases commonly used by the competition to ensure the general public can differentiate between your companies without any hassle.

6. Conduct a Trademark Search. Make sure that no one else has used a particular name by performing a trademark search throughout the country. This will help avoid unfortunate legal problems later on.

By following this advice, you will match your business with a name that ensures it stands out from the competition and displays your positive corporate characteristics without causing confusion or getting you into legal or language difficulties.

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