Business Productivity During Christmas Nativity

Christmas party

Christmas is coming!

Is your business ready? The festive season is almost upon us and, while it is a time for celebration, every business wants to minimise the slowdown in output and prepare to hit the ground running in the new year.

The Big Freeze

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It’s not just the possibility of snow that slows everybody down at Christmas. A vast majority of staff choose to take leave over the festive period, some take time off for Christmas shopping and some businesses operate a compulsory leave policy. It all means that output is often limited.

Holiday Disputes

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For many businesses, Christmas also presents the logistical problem of a large number of employees who all want to take the same annual leave at once. Disagreements between staff about who had it booked off first and who absolutely needs to be contactable over the holidays can start demoralising problems.

Christmas in a Globalised Economy

Suppliers and manufacturers from abroad may not celebrate the festive period in the same way that we do. In China, for example, Christmas is not widely celebrated, so if your business has dealings with Chinese suppliers or manufacturers, then you may be anxious about (avoidable) logistical problems.

Christmas Telephone Cover

This Christmas, it could be really beneficial for your business to have a dedicated telephone answering service in place. During Christmas, we can answer your telephone calls as if it were a normal working day and, if your business demands longer hours, we can provide 24/7 support.

Telephone Answering Service

Messages can be taken by a virtual receptionist, someone who has been trained to a high standard and fully briefed about your business. Qualified, detailed outputs can be logged for action later or sent as text messages or emails (or even faxes) to a nominated member of your staff to prioritise and action if strictly necessary.

Christmas gift

To understand exactly how Message Direct can help keep your business working over Christmas, either read our FAQ page or call us on: 01202 653001

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