Advice From A Startup One Year On

If you are thinking of starting up a business, there’s no doubt you will be seeking lots of advice from professionals, friends and family. But what lessons can you learn from people that have ‘been there and done it’, so to speak? Edward Poland is the co-founder of a venue website and in an article for the Guardian he writes about the lessons he’s learned one year after launching his business; below are a few of them.

Take care of your team

Poland says one of the most vital parts of business is building a team of employees who are both motivated and happy. With this in mind, showing you trust your employees goes a long way. You should trust them to make and share ideas and show that you are following through with some of them. When you’re starting up a business, Poland says, you think you know it best. However, you need to include your employees in major business decisions as well; besides, they may know a few things you don’t.

Learn to accept change

There’s one thing you must accept when starting up: your business will change. Instead of fearing this change, you should embrace it and be willing to adapt. Poland argues that it’s impossible to predict everything that will happen and there are bound to be twists and turns along the way, so preparing for them is the best thing you can do.

Always keep moving

We’re now living in the digital age where things are continually adapting at a pace quicker than ever before. If you’ve got an idea but fail to act on it immediately, you’re likely to fall behind. So, Poland says, you should test things as you go along and don’t be worried if you fail with one idea. Not everything will work for you but when you get a few ideas that work, it’s a sign you’re doing okay.

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