4 Time Management Tips

Tips For Time Management

Whether we’re at home or at work, many of us will agree that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. At work, managing your time effectively is very important, particularly when you have pressing deadlines to meet.

Time management means having control over the amount of time you spend on particular activities, so you are able to work more productively and effectively. If you are struggling to manage your time at work, here are a few tips:

Plan – Planning is an essential factor in time management. You should plan everything you need to achieve in a day/week/month, as this will allow you to allocate time to each individual task. However, when planning, you need to be realistic, which means accounting for tasks to take longer than initially planned, and making sure that you aren’t trying to fit too much in.

Performance – Whether it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon, there is a certain time of day where we work at peak performance. Try to identify what time of the day you work most productively, and then use that time to tackle the most difficult tasks that require high concentration.

Prevent distractions – Everything can be a distraction, whether it’s social media, a fellow employee or the office telephone. If you’re pushed for time, it’s important to prevent being distracted as much as possible. This may involve you shutting down social media, logging out of your emails for an hour, or finding a more quiet space to do your work.

Break – It’s very tempting to work through breaks when you’re really busy, but this can actually negatively impact your productivity levels. It’s absolutely essential to take breaks at work, particularly because breaks are known to help you be more productive in the afternoon.

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