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Getting the Right Multichannel Marketing Mix in 2017

When you’re seeking to grow your business, it’s essential that you have a robust marketing strategy that employs a multichannel promotional mix.

With the increasing ubiquity of digital marketing methods, old and primarily offline strategies will no longer be as relevant. However, the good news with modern digital marketing is that it tends to be far more cost-effective, targeted and results-driven than offline methods of old. Continue reading

The Importance of Customer Service

Good customer service continues to be the linchpin of a successful business in the modern age. But there are two crucial resources that any company must have in order to satisfy a customer’s needs: a website and a contact telephone number. After all, being contactable is the first step to enabling new and existing customers to reach out to you. Continue reading

Can small businesses be green?

As a small business owner, you could be forgiven for thinking that only large corporations have the time and resources to introduce a number of green practices. There are, however, a number of cost-effective initiatives that small businesses can put in place to make the company more green. We’ve put together some key ways you could have a greener business without eating into your budget.

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Short term summer holiday business phone cover

For businesses both big and small, the telephone remains a vital point of contact with customers and suppliers alike. Without this important contact, your business is guaranteed to miss opportunities, lose business and alienate clients. Receiving phone calls or inquiries is your opportunity to make a fantastic first impression. Every good businessman knows that first impressions are vital for small businesses looking to secure customers or develop a client base, and if you are not available to answer an incoming call, you lose a vital opportunity.

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Virtually Perfect: All you need to know about virtual receptionists

Modern businesses are reliant on three main things; availability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Your customers expect to get exactly what they want when they need it and at an affordable price, so your company needs to stay at the top of its game and fight off the competition. An increasing number of businesses are turning to the world of virtual receptionists because of the range of benefits they offer in the modern global market. Continue reading

Phone boxes: a thing of the past

Traditionally seen on most high streets, phone boxes have become increasingly rare in recent years. Whilst people once relied heavily on public phone boxes, the widespread use of mobile technology has rendered them largely obsolete.

Although some smaller villages throughout the UK still feature the iconic red phone box, many of the handsets in towns and cities have been removed or replaced with wireless hubs and hot spots.

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